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Proceeds from DQ’s Miracle Treat Day to provide hearing aids for children

If you could curate the soundtrack for your perfect day, what would it sound like? The sound of a rooster crowing to signal the start of the day, or perhaps birds chirping to gently lift you from your slumber followed by your favorite old school jam to kick-off the day. The gift of hearing, of experiencing the varied stimuli that nature provides through sound is a gift many people often take for granted.

On Miracle Treat Day, Thursday, June 21, which is also the official start of summer, DQ, with the help of the public, hopes to give the gift of hearing to children in need. DQ will donate $2 from every blizzard treat sold on that day to The Red Cross Centre for Deaf Children.

“The Red Cross Centre for Deaf Children is indeed excited to partner with Dairy Queen in this initiative to assist children who are deaf and hearing impaired in The Bahamas,” said Sonja Rolle, principal of the Red Cross Centre for Deaf Children. “We are grateful that DQ has chosen this special group of individuals for some assistance at this time.”

The Red Cross Centre for Deaf Children, a non-profit institution, was established in 1964. It is a joint effort between the Bahamas Red Cross Society and the Ministry of Education. The Centre has a population of 26 students between the ages of three and 18. There are 11 students currently in need of hearing aids.

“The cost to provide a hearing aid for a child is approximately $1,000 per ear. Some can be significantly higher — up to $3,000 per hearing aid, depending upon the sophistication of the product. To custom fit the hearing aid to the child’s ear requires an ear mold at an additional cost of $50 per ear. That makes it challenging for many families to provide this solution for their children once a diagnosis is made,” said Dr. Deborah Nubirth, the Centre’s audiologist.

Launched locally in 2014, Miracle Treat Day has raised more than $35,000 for children affected by cancer, diabetes, autism and Down syndrome.

This year, with the public’s support, DQ aims to raise $16,000 for hearing impaired children.

“DQ’s Miracle Treat Day is a community effort. Over the years we have seen how incredibly generous and community-minded Bahamians are with the amounts we have raised for children in need,” said DQ representative, Derek Osborne. “This year, we have set an ambitious goal and hope to galvanize all schools, corporate Bahamas and the general public to help provide hearing aids for children with hearing impairment.”

Patrons may participate in Miracle Treat Day in three ways — purchase a special pre-sold blizzard coupon, pre-order blizzards that can be collected on Miracle Treat Day or simply visit any DQ store on Miracle Treat Day and purchase blizzards.

Blizzard coupons may be purchased online at or in person at any DQ location. Pre-order forms may be downloaded online as well and emailed to or delivered with payment to any DQ location.

All five DQ locations in New Providence will participate — Southwest Plaza, Seagrapes Plaza, Cable Beach, Harbour Bay and The Mall at Marathon. Blizzard costs range from $4.49 for a mini, $5.69 for a small, $6.59 for a medium and $7.39 for a large. Small or large donations in cash or by check can also be made at all DQ stores. For more information visit or telephone 394-4936.


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