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To solely live by your ‘fit pal’ is grounds for long-term let downs

You purchased this fitness pal months ago — essentially, it was to boost your drive towards creating a consistent fitness approach. This thing does it all — track your steps, tells your heart rate, monitors how effective you’re sleeping and gives insight into how many calories you’ve burnt. It even has an app that allows you to track yourself throughout the day.

It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread encountered peanut butter and you swear by it. Since your passionately driven approach, a few things have happened — you’ve stopped using it, or it’s running your life.

Now I’m all for any externally positive approach that’s going to assist you in committing towards your positive lifestyle change. The problem I have is when individuals put all of their efforts into technology and negate reality.

This is one of the prime definitions of an easy way out. Your “fit pal” should be just that — an assisted solution to create awareness and understanding of what your body and activity level is throughout your day. To solely live by a device is grounds for long-term let downs.

Remember the hype that surrounded the device when you purchased it. You used it religiously then all of a sudden you stopped. This then created a defeatist approach to what you wanted to accomplish rather than a sustainable approach that you need.

It’s easy to let the line of excuses fall on technological advancement. It didn’t charge properly the night before, so you’re not going for that early morning walk, run or bike ride, because you can’t tell how many steps or calories you burnt. The device keeps freezing up, so you lost track of all your efforts mid-day. You’re having problems updating the software so you put it in your drawer and along with the it, you put away your previous efforts and long-term goals as well. The list goes on and carries more merit than one can shake a stick at. This device was supposed to be an approach of help, not straight reliability.

We all know everyone’s not as disciplined across the board. Certain approaches work for individuals that wouldn’t work for others. In everything, life requires balance. Creating that balance allows you to understand your faults and progressions, and help your awareness towards unnecessary excuses.

Always remember, a device can never take away the tangibles of an actual person. The ability to speak with a fitness professional or nutritionist supersedes the numbers that your device can show you.

Again, with balance and not an obsessive approach, you can achieve great lengths towards your fitness and lifestyle change. You started it before you encountered your device, so not allowing it to consume you shouldn’t be a problem.


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