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Cool, calm & collected

I’m quite sure, that we’ve all heard the phrase which is the title of this article over and over again as someone referred to another as being ‘Cool, Calm & Collected’. So what does it mean to be ‘Cool, Calm & Collected’? Well to me it means that a person is very relaxed and in no way ‘uptight’ to use another well-known saying. Yes indeed, if you wish to have good health which will assist you to get ahead in life as you come up against all sorts of obstacles and deal with numerous problems along the way; there’s no doubt about it, you need to be a completely relaxed person, a person who does not get rattled, as we say, too often or too easily.

I know that for years now whenever I go to the Doctor for any reason and the Nurse takes my blood pressure in advance of me actually seeing the Doctor they always say the same reassuring phrase and it goes like this “You’ll live long” meaning of course, that as my blood pressure is quite normal and in no way elevated, I’m obviously quite relaxed and that is a good thing to be relative to having and maintaining excellent health.

Now, let me be perfectly honest with you My Valued Readers; it was not always like that, in fact I used to get very upset and annoyed at the slightest thing, at the drop of a hat, as that well known saying puts it, in my younger years and it caused me to nearly lose my life as I had a Duodenal Ulcer which perforated and I nearly died.

So how does one stay calm in the face of danger or annoying events and people? #1. By becoming aware of the dangers associated with getting out of control, thus remaining a very relaxed person. #2. Realizing that getting annoyed, out of control and ‘uptight’ doesn’t solve any problems. So when confronted with a difficult situation; take a couple of deep breathes and remain ‘Cool, Calm & Collected’ and you’ll live long…I guarantee it!


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