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Teen charged with sex crime

After several young girls were allegedly assaulted in inner-city areas of New Providence over the past several weeks, a 15-year-old boy was yesterday charged with having unlawful sexual intercourse with three young girls.

The teen is accused of having sexual intercourse with a six-year-old girl on April 28; a 10-year-old girl on May 14; and an 11-year-old girl on May 25.

He was arraigned at the Magistrate’s Court in court number 2. Attorney Nathan Smith appeared for the teen.

He was remanded to the Simpson Penn Centre for Boys and will appear back in court on August 28 for service of a voluntary bill of indictment.

The teen’s brother and grandmother appeared in court.

The arraignment comes after public alarm grew in the wake of police reports that the girls were assaulted in public and during daytime hours and it was believed the same person was responsible.

The investigation was well underway when the public learned of two of the alleged assaults at the same time, despite the first assault allegedly taking place weeks earlier.

Police said a six-year-old girl was assaulted on Bahama Avenue on April 28.

The girl’s grandfather said she was “dragged” behind a store by a man who attempted to rape her.

“He pulled down her underwear and somehow, somebody [must have] come and he ran away and she came inside screaming,” he said.

The second incident allegedly happened on May 14. Police said a 12-year-old girl was walking on Darling Street, off Wulff Road, next to Stephen Dillet Primary School, when she was sexually assaulted. However, the charge indicates a girl allegedly assaulted on that day was 10.

Police said another 12-year-old girl was walking home from school with her brother on Thursday, May 24 when a man sexually assaulted her.

Police said the incident happened on a dirt road in the area of Big Pond shortly after 2 p.m. The victim was reportedly walking with her brother when they were approached by a man. The man allegedly chased off the victim’s brother and sexually assaulted her.

The brother ran for help, according to police.

The teen was not the first person taken into custody during the course of the investigation. Last Tuesday, police said they had arrested a man in connection with the first two incidents.

Superintendent Shanta Knowles said police were called to an area on Wulff Road on Sunday where residents had caught and subdued the suspect.

She said it appeared that the suspect, a 32-year-old man, had been beaten.

However, a day later, police announced that the man had been released.

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