Thursday, Jul 9, 2020
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Advancing Bahamian interests at the Port of Nassau

Dear Editor,

It has come to light that certain cruise ship companies are actively trying to undermine the intended redevelopment of Prince George Wharf. They are lobbying the government to keep the Port of Nassau in its current state of backwardness and disrepair, so as to serve their own financial interest to ­­­the detriment of Bahamian businesses.

The cruise companies feel it is not in their interest to have an attractive and modern port created in New Providence, one full of exciting sights, sounds and attractions, because this will draw more of their passengers off the ship and onto shore, where they will spend more money to the benefit of local shops, restaurants, straw vendors, etc.

This would mean that the passengers spend less money onboard the actual ships and even less when they finally arrive at the private islands that are the next port of call – where all the profit goes to the cruise ship companies.

Our government must ignore this effort by the ship companies and forge ahead with the plan to transform and modernize the Port of Nassau. They must put Bahamian interests ahead of the demands of foreign entities.


– In the know

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