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I am for gender equality, not sameness, confusion or illusion

One of the raging discussions today is the subject of gender equality and gender identity. It is important to navigate the debate effectively through common sense and basic information. Let’s begin with basic facts. Men and women are equal when it comes to intellectual, psychological, professional and academic abilities. They should have comparable salaries for the same job. When it comes to intellectual capabilities it is clear that men and women are of equal value and should be treated as such. The big problem that we have today is not so much gender equality it is that we are equating gender equality with gender sameness.

Men and women are not equal in all respects because each has a specific design and role that is clearly evident in the physical psychological and emotional makeup. This is something that should not need clarification, but in the quest for equality some have abandoned logic and have imposed a level of confusion that is indeed remarkable. Men and women are not physically equal. It is abundantly clear that on average a male will be much stronger than a female and his physical capabilities will far exceed hers, so in this respect there is a natural inequality that must be respected. When it is not respected a level of confusion exists that will not lead to equality but will instead lead to further confusion. There are things that women can do that men will never be able to do. A man will never have children — his breasts will never produce milk no matter what we call it. A man will never have a vagina. These are natural differences that must be respected. Men and women have different anatomies and so their clothes should be different even though there may be a level of interchangeability. For example a woman can have a zipper on her pants but the reason for it is different than for a man. Differences are there for a purpose and if we try to create sameness we only confuse ourselves further, and confuse the generations to come. Men and women have a very different hormonal make up which means they are different both psychologically and emotionally, this should be respected and we should not try to insinuate that they are the same or can be merged.

A man can never become a woman and a woman can never become a man. Granted there are some who are born with an abnormal level of characteristics of the other sex and in those cases there is gray area as to whether the individual is predominantly male or female or not. We use terms today like transgender, but if this is to refer to a male who became female or a female who became male it is a misnomer. This is impossible because there are intrinsic qualities built into genders that can never be intrinsically detached. The best a man can ever do is become a modified male with female hormones and characteristics and genetically modified parts. If we call him a woman, we are lying to ourselves because he has been artificially altered to resemble what he was not intrinsically. The same goes for a female who wants to become a male. I understand that there are people who feel more aligned to the opposite sex and we may sympathize with them and the challenge that they may face but we would be lying to them if we told them they would be changing sexes. They may be able to closely resemble the opposite sex to the point where it is almost indistinguishable, but what they can never have is the intrinsic natural state. A vagina that has been surgically assembled is not the real thing, it is a type of GMO and may be very similar but it is not the original and therefore not fully authentic. A womb cannot be placed in a man and his physical features cannot be substituted for that of a female. When studied closely many transsexuals reveal their original physical nature. I recall on many occasions going to the mall or a restaurant and one of my friends says to me or I say to them, you know that is a man right? It’s not meant to be disrespectful it is acknowledging that the people looks like a woman now but they were not born woman, they were surgically altered.

Natural roles of men and women are indicated by physical makeup. Purpose and design are revealed in physical and emotional makeup. Anything outside of original design and purpose becomes abuse (abnormal use). I believe it is therefore absolutely important for non-intrinsic males and females to clearly reveal their modifications as they would be deceiving future mates by presenting themselves as authentic and original. The non-intrinsic female will never be able to produce children and the male will never be able to produce children because they do not possess the original and authentic parts that are required to do so. If I were a parent today I would not want my son to become involved with someone who says they are female but are not a “real” female because this would mean a level of deception. It should be clear who you are and what your capabilities are. We should not perpetuate the charade that the person is who they look like. A man does not want a woman who is a female in her head. He wants a woman who is intrinsically a woman.

In popular culture we have movies where women are fighting men and we are acting as if this is a proper role for women and that this is acceptable. As a general rule women should not be fighting men or fighting for men because they are not in general physically equal. There are some women who are stronger than men and can fight men but we should not pass this off as the norm or as a generally acceptable practice.

I would never want my mother going out and fighting for me. As a son I am there to protect her physically and not the other way around. I don’t believe mothers are supposed to be going to war fighting men when men are available to fight and protect their families or countries. It does not make sense to me to put a woman in this role — this is not a part of the design for a woman. Women can fight, and many are capable but this is not the primary purpose and role of a woman. We get offended when men beat women or put their hands on women and we should be because a woman is different from a man and is the feminine version.

What we are calling gender identity today is in reality gender confusion. If a boy has a penis and all other male attributes and he feels like he is a girl or identifies himself as a female he has a problem in his head because his body will never allow him to intrinsically be what he may think or feel he is. He is suffering from gender confusion. I am not able to expound on what the cure is for such persons from a scientific perspective but to try to turn them physically into females is impossible. Some would say that if these persons do not change their physical body to conform to their mental feelings that they will be irreparably harmed. According to studies that I have seen many of these persons continue to be confused and tormented even after they have surgically altered their bodies. I do not have all the answers, but I am certain that they will never become what they are seeking to become regardless of how many surgeries they have. The best they can achieve is a modified status that resembles the opposite sex. It would appear to me from a strictly common sense point of view that it may be easier to work on the head and mental state of confusion, rather than the body. Of course this is my non-scientific opinion.

From a biblical perspective, it is clear that according to the Bible, God made male and female, each designed differently and for a specific purpose. It is clear that man and woman are meant for each other, to get married and raise a family wherever possible. I find it a waste of time to debate this subject from the Bible because there is no debate in a Bible, and no debate in a kingdom (and Jesus said he is a king who introduced a kingdom to the world). The king issues words that become law and our opinions do not matter. We may review his words to determine clarification on meanings but the general gist is abundantly clear. The Bible does state that man is made for woman and woman is specifically designed for man and that they are to come together to produce children to replenish the earth. They do not come together exclusively for replenishing, they come together to form that basis and model of what a normal and stable environment should look like.

We cannot use the Bible to produce the alternative lifestyles and families that are being propagated today because it is simply not anywhere in the Bible. We would have to rewrite, it or erase the clear words of the Bible in order to achieve that goal. It is impossible to attain from the Bible a marriage between a man and a man because throughout the Bible same sex families are specifically prohibited. In fact the sanction of anything beyond platonic friendships between the same sexes is so clear you would have to have a degree in “confusion-ology” to say that they Bible supports or condones this. I have never seen one logical argument to support this idea. On the other hand there are multiple references that indicate otherwise both in the old and New Testament. Since we are living in the New Testament age it may be better to refer to New Testament scriptures since we are living under the post-Jesus law.

I appreciate that not everyone subscribes to biblical philosophy and I am not here to impose biblical philosophy on anyone. What I am saying is that biblically or non-biblically, men and women are equal but they are not same. They are different by design and purpose and we cannot interchange them. We are not helping ourselves by pretending that something exists that does not. I am for gender equality — but I am not for gender sameness, or confusion, or illusion.


  • Pastor Dave Burrows is senior pastor at Bahamas Faith Ministries International. Feel free to email comments, whether you agree or disagree, to I appreciate your input and dialogue. We become better when we discuss, examine and exchange.


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