Monday, May 25, 2020
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A budget of consequence

The 2008 financial crisis and subsequent Great Recession were catastrophic for The Bahamas. Thousands of jobs were lost; loan defaults skyrocketed; the government was forced to borrow vast sums to prop up the economy. The crisis and recession precipitated a lost decade. The growth we experienced last

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Horse abuse

Dear Editor, I was recently visiting Nassau. Though I’m a big fan of The Bahamas, I was disgusted to see the abuse of the horses near the cruise ship terminals. They are malnourished – no proper food or water for them, open sores, obvious signs of scars

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Budget outlines govt arrears

The 2018/2019 budget outlines a number of significant outstanding government arrears. Toping that list of arrears is a $17 million bill to cruise line operators. The government owes $11,921,474 for a Bahamas Electrical Corporation (BEC) arrears action plan and $10,265,412 for Bahamas Telecommunications (BTC) arrears. The National Drug

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