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There’s always another idea

I remember very well many years ago when I had worked on a particular project that was going to produce a considerable amount of revenue. which was badly needed at the time, that after two years of chasing this project it failed to be completed. Believe me, at first I was devastated, as I had really believed at the time that I would have been able to bring it to a successful conclusion. As I said, I was of course quite devastated at the time as two years is quite a long time to devote to a project that in the end amounts to nothing. However, I reminded myself at that time, that as I had written about in the past, success begins with an idea. Yes indeed it does.

So I concluded instead of getting upset and frustrated, I just needed to start thinking of another way in which to earn the revenue I needed at that time. Believe me, it wasn’t more than a couple of weeks before I came up with a completely new project which did indeed bring in the revenue I needed to accomplish my goals. Yes my friend, as the title of today’s article quite clearly puts it, there’s always another idea. Yes indeed there is.

What it requires is for you to spend a whole lot of what I’ve written about recently in another article, and that is plenty of thinking time quietly meditating and expecting, in due course, to get another terrific idea to assist you in succeeding. This is exactly what happened.

Yes my friend, believe it or not, I came up with a really terrific idea that in the end supplied me with plenty of revenue with which to completely fulfill my needs at the time. As I also wrote about some time ago, there’s always a way to succeed — yes there is and it commences with a smart idea which you are perfectly capable of coming up with.


  • Think about it!

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