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Look upward not downward

I’m always on the lookout for quotes which I can pass on to people which will assist them in being more positive in outlook and thus more successful in life. Yesterday I found the following gem on Facebook and I’m passing it on to you My Valued Readers in the hope that it will assist you with your journey to reach the highest peak in life, The Summit of Success.

So, here’s the quote “Always look Upward toward the Stars rather than Downward at your Feet”. Yes indeed, Positive People who wish to consistently succeed in life, always look upward toward the achievement of their goal and not downward toward perhaps a failure of the past. Yes indeed, as the title of today’s article states it ‘Look Upward Not Downward’. I guess another way of putting it would be, always look forward and upward rather than look backward and downward or focus your mind on your successes and not on your failures.

I have quoted The Universal Law of Attraction to you My Valued Readers on many occasions in the past as it’s so important to your success in life for you to fully understand it and apply it in a constructive way to your life. This Universal Law states as follows “We ATTRACT toward us People, Circumstances and Events in accordance with our THINKING”….yes indeed we do and that’s why it’s so very important to be positive and think of positive events which we’ll ATTRACT into our life. Yes indeed if we always ‘Look Upward Not Downward’, believe me, we’ll become and remain outstandingly successful.

Yes My Friend, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s better to look upward toward the stars than to look downward toward your feet if you really want to be consistently successful in life…yes it is! So in conclusion, get real positive today and set some new goals. Look upward toward the stars as you know and believe in your heart, that you’ll achieve your goals and be outstandingly successful.


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