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Concentrate on the solution not the problem

Someone came to me after a seminar I had given in one of the major Caribbean Islands one day and asked if he could have a word with me in private. I of course obliged and we sat down in the empty meeting room. He opened the conversation by saying “Dr. Reilly, I have a major problem and don’t quite know what to do about it”. I asked him exactly what his problem was and he told me, as he looked rather sad and a little bit agitated. Actually his problem was work related and he was extremely concerned about it and its overall effects on his life.

Now the very first thing that I said to him was, “You must stop thinking continually about the problem”. Well, I thought he’d explode when I said that, as he looked both annoyed and greatly puzzled. “Do not think about my problem Dr. Reilly, what exactly do you mean?” I answered him in a calm voice using the phrase that is the title of this particular article, concentrate on the solution not the problem.

You see, as I have relayed to you my valued readers before on many occasions, all problems have solutions. Actually if you go to Webster’s Dictionary and look up the word “problem” it states as follows, “a matter proposed for solution”. So that’s the proof, all problems have solutions, and you my friend are fully capable of finding a suitable solution to your problem, no matter what it is. Yes you are. However, the more one focuses on the negative — on the actual problem, the more negative one becomes, which will actually block one’s creative capacity to come up with a suitable, workable solution to the problem thereby turning it into what it really is, a golden opportunity to succeed.

Yes my friend, by concentrating on the problem you’re concentrating on the wrong end of the stick, so to speak. So do your best not to concentrate on the problem and its implications, but instead start thinking of solutions that will actually solve the problem. As you think of possible solutions, write all of these potential solutions down and then choose the one that you feel is the best possible solution to solve your problem, and you will succeed. End of story!


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