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Miss World Bahamas stands tall

Everyone, both young and old (because there are older persons who believe that they’re young), according to Miss World Bahamas Brinique Gibson, should know that the sky is the limit.

“Honestly, I think that you just have to come to a place where you believe in your dreams, and you believe that it’s attainable in order for it to happen,” said the 22-year-old queen who is just shy of her two-week crowning.

And she should know. Standing at 5-foot-4, she met the minimum height requirement to enter the pageant by a mere inch; her detractors told her she was too short and that the judges were looking for tall girls, but her supporters, who were fully confident in her, told her that despite her height she would win. Ultimately the decision to enter the competition was because she has always been intrigued with pageantry.

“The world of pageantry has always been something that I wanted to explore,” said Gibson. “A few family and friends started telling me I should enter Miss [World] Bahamas because the way I’ve been living my life embodied what it was they thought the organization was looking for. And I figured our country deserved good representation. And since I met all of their requirements, I thought why not offer myself up for the position. I did think I was a bit too short, but I met the requirements, on the bottom end which is 5-foot-3, and so I just made it in there.”

Since her crowning her life has been a whirlwind with appearances. As she spoke with The Nassau Guardian, Gibson was preparing herself for a school appearance at Garvin Tynes Primary. She’s already busy planning out the remainder of her reign, even though it’s early days yet.

“It feels absolutely amazing. I am extremely happy that I was able to make my family, friends and myself proud. I am a little bit sad now that [the pageant training process] is over. I actually formed great relationships with the other young ladies, so we looked forward to meeting weekly.”

But she’s also excited for what’s to come.

Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017, from India, will crown her successor at the 68th edition of the pageant in Sanya, China, on December 8. Gibson will be one of women from more than 120 countries and territories, hoping to have the prestigious crown placed on her head.

Venezuela and India have both won the Miss World crown six times each, making them the most successful countries at the Miss World pageant.

“I’ve never been to China before, and I’ve wanted to travel to China. I’m happy that’s the location,” said Gibson.

She’s also passionate about youth empowerment, but for her upcoming international competition, she will highlight her experience with weight loss, having lost approximately 35 pounds since last year, and promote healthy living through diet and exercise.

Gibson was initially prompted to lose weight after she received negative comments from family members and friends, and not specifically to enter the pageant. She also said she liked the fact that the MWO does not have a weight restriction to enter the competition, as it does for height.

“But I did realize if I wanted to be successful in the competition that I needed to lose weight to have a more slender look, a more fit look. It is a beauty pageant, so I had to get rid of the excess fat, and try to tone my body, and I think I did a pretty good job.”

Looking back, Gibson recalled telling her family members and friends that she did not think she could do it, but she did. She said her weight loss and win have been inspirational to many others.

She’s now working with trainers at Club One to prepare herself for the Miss World sports woman challenge, by building her endurance.

Gibson will be heading off to the international Miss World competition, which was first organized by Eric Morley in 1951 as a bikini contest at the Festival of Britain. She will take to the stage at the Miss World pageant, which has evolved over the years from being a bikini contest to being the first international beauty pageant to get rid of the swimsuit segment.

Prior to entering the Miss World Bahamas pageant, she was self-employed; Gibson described herself as a jack of all trades. She had an online bakery, she was a makeup artist and she assisted her dad, Emmanuel Gibson, with his restaurant, Manuelo’s, as well as his catering company. She did voiceovers, public relations, modeled, painted and said all suggestions were always welcome.

“I’ve just been doing a little bit of everything. I say, why do one when I can do it all? My dad actually opposes that jack of all trades mentality, but I told him that I prefer to give myself an opportunity to fail — not that I want to fail — but I prefer to fail knowing that I’ve tried something, as opposed to just having someone telling me it’s not going to work. I want to try it out for myself. Just like when I entered the pageant, I had people say to me ‘Oh you’re too short, they look for tall girls, you’re not going to win’. And then I had people fully confident in me who said despite my height that I would win… I beat out the stereotype,” she said.

As Miss World Bahamas, Brinique was awarded a year’s salary as TIG Foundation ambassador, helping the less fortunate in the community. In addition, she received a designer wardrobe, fitness center membership for one year, hair and makeup services, dental services, travel and access to top-tier events, and she will represent The Bahamas at Miss World 2018.




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