Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019
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New airport to be constructed on Long Island

Adrian Gibson. FILE

Long Island will be getting a new airport, the island’s member of Parliament, Adrian Gibson, told Guardian Business yesterday, adding that the new airport will usher in new investment to the island.

Gibson said the airport is “long overdue”, and its construction and completion will provide an economic boost to the island.

He said the island is likely to see new restaurants and hotels as a result of the new airport, adding that rental car operators will likely expand as a result of new business coming into the island.

“We have been fighting hard to get our interests addressed, and I’m happy to know government is seeing to it that the people of Long Island will finally get what Long Island ought to have,” Gibson said.

It was announced last month that the water mains on Long Island are being extended in order to bring potable water to areas that have never had piped water.

While Gibson could not say when airport construction will begin, he said there will likely be preliminary movements after the national budget is passed in a few weeks.

He said that, for years, Long Island has been largely forgotten in the archipelago. He insisted that with these upcoming developments, the island’s youth will be more inclined to stay, so there would not be a “total abandonment of Long Island”.



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