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PLP not the solution to country’s problems

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is seeking to take advantage of natural disquiet with the proposed increase in value-added tax (VAT) from 7.5 percent to 12 percent. The PLP is actually giddy that the tax is going up. An angry electorate is more likely to vote out a government and return them to power.

The PLP’s concern is not the Bahamian people. It is focused on a single goal: winning to take control of the treasury. Life isn’t as fun when you can’t spend the people’s money enriching the party’s elite.

With this proposed tax increase the PLP thinks it has already won the next election even though we are four years out. No doubt the party is making plans to move even faster this time if elected to transfer the people’s money into PLP hands.

Listening to PLPs speak in the House, you’d think they have no responsibility for where we are. The massive borrowing that happened wasn’t them. The waste wasn’t them. All the scandals, that wasn’t them either.

Every problem the governing Free National Movement (FNM) tries to solve by making tough decisions just magically emerged, it seems. The PLP does no wrong. It did no wrong.

The Bahamian people should question the government on its tax increase. They should ask why and if the amount is necessary. They have a right to be upset if they don’t like the answers. But we issue a strong warning to our people: Do not let the PLP take advantage of you.

You saw the real PLP during the drug era when poison was brought into our country for the gain of a few. You saw the real PLP last term when our money went missing and no one could say where to.

Yet, they want to come back and they want your anger to bring them back.

Chester Cooper, the PLP MP for the Exumas and Ragged Island, was full of enthusiasm in the House of Assembly yesterday. He said the “steep and predatory” plan to increase VAT could send the economy into a nosedive.

“Politics aside, a bad idea is a bad idea. And this is a tremendously bad idea,” he said.

“And no amount of spin and talking points and press briefings about who is to blame can mask the lazy, predatory nature of this tax increase nor make it easier to swallow for the public that will pay for your bad decisions.

“The Bahamian people will not easily forget how this administration put their future in jeopardy.”

This is the same Chester Cooper who ran in the 2017 general election trying to make Perry Christie prime minister again. The same Perry Christie who led The Bahamas through five years of recession and stagnation. The same Perry Christie who administered over the implementation of VAT. The same Perry Christie who led the borrowing of billions of dollars and had little to show in accomplishments.

So Chester Cooper wanted us to vote for five more years of Christie and we are now supposed to stand with him against this government? Cooper’s solution to the mess last time was more Christie and now we are supposed to trust his judgment? You see how warped PLP logic is?

We say to Bahamians think carefully as you listen to the PLP. Think carefully as you listen to people who are leading you to the PLP. The PLP was taking us on a path to ruin. You voted them out to save your country.

This PLP still has not given a full-throated apology for all it did last time. It is counting on you forgetting and returning it to carry on.

Stay engaged. Hold your government’s feet to the fire. Make the FNM address your concerns. But also remember the PLP is not worthy of your trust.

You sent that party to the wilderness 13 months ago. It’s trying to sneak back in. Watch out.


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