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Around 300 BPL workers apply for packages

Darnell Osborne.

As of Friday, approximately 300 employees applied to take the voluntary separation packages (VSEPs) being offered by Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), BPL Chairman Darnell Osborne said yesterday.

Osborne said she expects to get a full report today revealing the exact number of applicants.

“Obviously, the management will then have to review how many people are in the technical critical areas that we would not wish to disengage with at this time, so that will have to be determined once they look at the list,” she told The Nassau Guardian.

Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister announced in Parliament last month that both the managerial and line staff unions at BPL signed off on the voluntary separation exercise.

Bannister did not indicate how many staff members could be impacted; however, PowerSecure’s business plan called for 233 people to be made redundant.

As an early action upon coming to office, the Minnis administration got rid of PowerSecure as the management company for BPL.

In April, BPL Deputy Chairman Patrick Rollins said BPL will seek to reduce its staff complement as it brings on stream certain automated services and new technology, including a smart meter system.

He said rightsizing is necessary as part of BPL’s three-pronged approach to adequately address systemic challenges at the power company.

More than 1,000 people are employed at BPL.

Employees had until Friday to decide whether they will take a package.

Osborne said last week there is a June 30 timeline for when the company expects physical separation for all those who are approved.



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