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Stay cool and you win

From my observations, there appears to be a whole lot of people who are ready to get annoyed at the drop of a hat so to speak, who appear to relish a good argument with someone, anyone about anything, as long as they can get embroiled in an argument, a verbal altercation to assist them in getting rid of some of their pent-up anger. These people of course who are really just looking for a fight, have very low self-esteem. Of course they do not appear to be aware of the physical, mental and emotional damage they’re doing to themselves by this continual argumentative approach they are taking. But my friend, if you want to be a winner in life and if you possess high self-esteem, I suggest you take the sensible advice given in the title of today’s article, which is stay cool and you win. Yes indeed you do — big time.

It is indeed most important for would-be achievers to stay cool, calm and collected at all times as this will help you maintain excellent health whilst at the same time remain in control of the situation, and thus keep your wits about you. People like to deal with others who are in control of the situation and who project to one and all a calm exterior which lets people know that they’re not, as we call them in our present day vernacular, hot-headed. Of course, another very important benefit to those who stay calm and cool is that they will continually enjoy excellent health of body, mind, and spirit.

Yes my friend, when you stay cool, believe me you’ll win every time, whilst you project to all the world that you have high self-esteem and thus feel really good about yourself deep down in your consciousness. Those who are always getting annoyed at the drop of a hat, so to speak, are: A) affecting their physical health in a negative way; and B) broadcasting to one and all that they have low self-esteem.


  • Think about it!

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