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Three latest murders follow bloody week on New Providence

A man was shot dead on Crooked Island Street, shortly after midnight on Saturday morning, according to police.

Police said the man was standing in front of a bar when he was shot.

The second incident occurred shortly after 9 p.m. at a clothing store on Faith Avenue and St. Vincent Road, police said.

According to Superintendent Shanta Knowles, a gunman entered the store and a struggle ensued between him and one of the employees.

The employee was shot and the gunman fled the scene. Police are appealing to the public for any information on the matter.

“This appears to be an isolated incident here tonight,” Knowles told reporters on the scene.

“We are trying to work the motive. We are leading in a direction, but we are not going to reveal that at this time.”

Knowles also informed the public not to be afraid, despite the recent spate of killings in New Providence.

“Please do not be afraid,” she said. “We understand that there is a need to be afraid, but do not be afraid. We have officers in all areas of New Providence who have started an operation just [Friday] evening.

“So we do have officers in the Kemp Road area, the Fox Hill area, the Bain Town area and, of course, we had officers also in this area; but then, as you can see, this is very isolated.

“It’s off the street, so even officers patrolling would not have seen as much or may not have seen as much, and that’s why we are appealing to members of the public to call us, give us whatever information you have so that we can bring these people to justice.”

Less than four hours after Knowles declared there was no need to be afraid, a businessman was shot dead.

The man, who has been identified as Noel Cartwright, owner of the Plantation Bar and Grill, was shot and killed while in his vehicle a short distance from his establishment.

Before these three latest murders, six people were recently murdered over the course of a few days.

There have been 51 murders in The Bahamas so far for the year.

There were 70 murders recorded around the same time last year, representing a 27.1 percent decrease.




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