Thursday, Feb 20, 2020
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Appreciate what God has given you

“This is the day that the Lord hath made: We will rejoice and be glad in it.” — Psalm 118:24

Our text today is a well-known musical score and is sung by people of the world in many tongues and languages. Although emphasis is placed on the day, the truth is his mercy endures forever. So come rain or shine, every day is a divine exclusive design.

Many of you who read this today have already begun the day by rowing and grumbling instead of rejoicing and being glad. Beautiful homes are turned into war zones as wife is against husband, children are against parents and the cell phone has become the tool against arbitration and mediation.

Psalm 118 was written during the time of the Temple of Solomon. It is a Thanksgiving Psalm. The city was surrounded by Sennacherib, the Assyrian Army, and its allied armies. They mocked King Hezekiah, calling him a fool for trusting in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But he declared that he would not be afraid.

What can anyone do to me? It is the Lord who helps me, and I will see my enemies defeated, for it is better to trust in the Lord, than to depend on people. It is better to trust in the Lord than to depend on human beings.

If there were doubts that we are living in serious times, situations, events and circumstances are all giving a thumbs up that it is so. We are like the flower that comes up in the morning and by evening is withered and cast to the dump heap. I tremble when I hear men and women boasting of the future without giving a thought to the fact that God giveth and God taketh away.

Indeed this is a new day and not a recycled or slightly used day. It is a day that comes with new mercies, blessings, disappointments, difficulties and a whole mumble jumble of events and circumstances. Why is it that we cannot see the goodness of God in extending to us days for our lives?

Why for some, everyday is like a holiday without a thought of responsibilities to spouse, children, household duties, and the like? Vows have been made, but life goes on as usual as if they are still single. Family gatherings and worship are things of the past, and frolicking and pleasure seeking are the order of the day. We have been created by God to choose our road map for whatever life we would desire while here on planet earth. Indeed it is not a matter of trust, but choice. Choose ye this day whom you will serve, God or Mammon.

So we have this day and we can either make it the best day of our lives by doing good deeds, showing love, sending flowers, giving a full day’s work for a full day’s pay, and saying yes and meaning yes. We can obey our parents and respect our elders, admire our teachers for the knowledge they are imparting, choose to practice honesty, love our neighbors and refrain from destroying their properties or taking their lives, obey the laws of our lands, keep our surroundings clean, green and pristine, and just plain be the best we can be. What a gift of being given a day to advance knowledge and opportunities for the good of not only one, but all.

As for me, I appreciate this day that God has given to me, and I give allegiance to this day that I will disown sadness, grumbling, fretting, whining and pining, and will rejoice and be glad.


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