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Not I will, but I am

One of the most effective ways of assisting a person to become successful in life by achieving their predetermined goals and objectives is by the use of daily affirmations. Now affirmations are statements pertaining to our goals that we repeat over and over again, which will assist us to achieve each of our goals.

Dr. Denis Waitley, author of many bestselling books on success and high performance, whom I had the pleasure of being associated with many years ago and whose books include “The Psychology of Winning”, “The Winner’s Edge” and “Being Your Best” to name a few, states that for affirmations to be effective they must be structured in the first person and present tense. So this is what the title of today’s article is alluding to, which I’m sure has some people quite puzzled — not I will, but I am.

Let’s give you a specific example of an affirmation using this format as instructed by Dr. Denis Waitley. Let’s suppose that a person has a goal to be sales manager at the company they presently work for as a salesperson. Here’s how the affirmation should be structured according to Dr. Waitley. “I am sales manager at ABC company” — And this affirmation should be repeated over and over again throughout the day and night until it is deeply embedded in a person’s mind. Believe me, this use of affirmations is a very effective tool to use which will assist you in achieving your goals and objectives.


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