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Robinson to start tourism consultancy

Just over a week after he was fired as parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Bains and Grants Town MP Travis Robinson revealed his decision to launch a tourism consultancy, but declined to disclose whether he has been engaged by the government.

“The consultancy work that I intend to do, that is a personal work of mine, as Travis Robinson, the man behind the name,” said Robinson, following a press conference at Southern Recreation Grounds to announce a roof repair initiative in his constituency.

“I’m using some of the experience that I would have gained at the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, where I served as the parliamentary secretary, as well as my background knowledge from the University of The Bahamas, studying tourism management.

“[Also] given the fact that I have been able to serve on various committees in the Ministry of Tourism, I’ve worked directly with the minister of tourism and I’ve been a part of a number of investor initiatives in the tourism field.

“We are all aware of the many red tape that we as Bahamians go through… so my job now is more or less consulting as it relates to tourism initiatives, how we speed up the process to get various investments going.”

Robinson said because it is a private venture, he is open to whomever chooses to engage him.

Asked whether he has been offered a government contract for his consultancy, Robinson said, “That is a question that I wish not to answer at this time, simply because I don’t want to stir up unnecessary talks about it.”

When pressed on the matter, Robinson said, “Well, I can say very clearly that my field in the tourism field is one that I love and one that I enjoy, and so whatever may come or whatever may arise, Travis Robinson will be excited to continue to work in the tourism industry.”

Asked whether he would accept an offer from the government, he said, “That is a decision to be determined when that time comes.”

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis fired Robinson and Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller as parliamentary secretaries after they voted against the VAT amendment bill.

Minnis fired Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine as chairman of the Hotel Corporation of The Bahamas after his no vote.

Centreville MP Reece Chipman also voted no.

In relation to the firings of Robinson and Miller, the Cabinet Office cited the Manual of Cabinet and Ministry Procedure, which says parliamentary secretaries are bound to support government decisions in public.

Robinson said in the House of Assembly on Wednesday that he understood the consequences of his decisions and stands proud, having fulfilled his promise to his constituents.

“I make it very clearly known that Travis Robinson, the individual, I support the increase in VAT,” he said yesterday.

“Travis Robinson, the member of Parliament, I do not support the increase of VAT.

“When I rise in the House of Assembly, I rise on behalf of the people of Bains and Grants Town, and so it is for them that I voted as I did inside the House.

“I can pay the VAT as an individual, but it’s not about me; it’s about the thousands of people in Bains and Grants Town, who are dependent upon me to be their voices inside the House.”

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