Monday, Jul 13, 2020
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Dwight Gibson dropped his wife off to the Labour Day parade on Friday, as he had done for many years. It would be the last time he would see her alive. Tami Patrice Gibson, 48, was one of four women killed that day when a truck

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Tragedy on Labour Day

Trade unions and workers’ associations were on the annual Labour Day march on Friday celebrating the contributions of the people who keep the country going. Thousands of people usually attend. This year there was tragedy. A runaway truck hit participants in the area of East

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The uproar on gaming taxes

Dear Editor, I begin by stating that I am neither white, rich nor a member of the merchant class. I am, however, deeply offended by the suggestion by the Bahamas Gaming Operators Association (BGOA) that the suggestion to increase taxes on gaming operators is a call for

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