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Are you still learning?

Believe it or not, life is about nonstop learning, or at least it should be. As I have put it before, life is a “school house” — yes it is, and we should all be learning lessons in living each and every day, from morning to night, from birth to transition. So I’d really like you to candidly answer the question as posed by the title of today’s article, are you still learning? Well are you? I do sincerely hope so for your sake, because if you haven’t learnt all of the lessons you were put on Planet Earth by the Creator to learn during this sojourn on Planet Earth, well then, I guess you will just have to come back another time in an effort to learn what you should have learnt in the first place.

And incidentally, you are not too old to learn, and contrary to popular belief, you can indeed “teach an old dog new tricks”. I’m in my, what we refer to as senior years, and believe me, just about every day I learn something new, something valuable to me as I travel the road of life, something that I didn’t fully comprehend previously. Yes my friend, there’s really not a day that goes by when I don’t learn something valuable which assists me in being a better human being. And of course don’t ever forget, that many times we learn more from our mistakes in life than we do from our successes. Yes indeed, life is a continual learning experience … at least it should be.

Of course, to learn anything new, a person has to have a completely “open mind” and this is a big problem with a whole lot of older people. They think they know it all, particularly from a spiritual perspective. So their mind is completely closed when it comes to this subject, thus they are unable to finally learn the truth. Yes my friend, always have an “open mind” and keep on learning ‘til the day you make your transition.


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