Friday, Dec 6, 2019
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Minnis: Cabinet to be reshuffled

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis today confirmed an impending Cabinet reshuffle, which will see several ministers relocated.

However, Minnis declined to detail which ministers will be moved. He said the Cabinet Office will send a statement with those details later today.

“There will be quite a number of Cabinet [ministers] who will be relocated to other ministries and quite a number of permanent secretaries who will be relocated to other ministries,” Minnis told reporters.

“We will establish a new office in the Office of the Prime Minister, which is a modernization unit, so we can modernize and transform the public service and the entire government, that would be their mandate.”

Minnis said the reshuffle will give ministers “exposure and experience” and denied the move was the result of him losing confidence in any member of Cabinet.

The confirmation of the reshuffle comes a little over a year after the ministers were appointed.

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