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Do you wish to control others or yourself?

Now believe it or not, the question posed by the title of today’s article is one of the most important questions you could ever ask yourself in life. You see, the answer will reveal to you in no uncertain terms, whether you have high self-esteem or not. People with low self-esteem, that is people who don’t really know who they are, who don’t know, understand and thus really love themselves, will in all probability spend most of their time doing their very best to laud it over others, to control others. However, those who do fully understand their true identity as a child of God filled to capacity with unique and special talents and thus who really love and respect themselves, will have no need whatsoever to control anyone else. They will instead spend a whole lot of time in self-control, making sure that they’re daily doing the right things which will eventually get them to their desired destination which is of course success city.

So, my friend it’s now time for you to answer the question posed by the title of this most important article, do you wish to control others or yourself? To put it in simple language, do you exercise a certain amount of self-control each and every day as you go about your chores, or are you, as we put it in our modern day vernacular, a complete control freak, spending most of your time trying to control others?

Now the control freak, those who always want to interfere in the lives of others and tell them what to do, whilst their own life is anything but perfect, usually have a perpetually negative, unhappy look on their countenance as they seek out their next victim whom they can scold and instruct on how to behave whilst their own life is in a complete shambles.


  • Think about it!

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