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Solomon’s and Jay Fitness team up for summer slim down challenge

This summer, Solomon’s Yamacraw customers will be able to shake, dance and move their way to a healthier physique during the store’s first Summer Slimdown Challenge, as parent company AML Foods Limited continues to focus on providing opportunities for community engagement, and to share nutrition and health information with consumers. The initiative is geared towards showing how the proper physical exercise along with a balanced diet can result in healthier living.

Solomon’s is teaming up with Jay Fitness 242 to launch the competition with a live Junkanoo aerobics session in the store’s parking lot on Saturday July 7 at 7 a.m. The three-part competition will continue on Saturday, August 4 and Saturday, September 1.

Parent company AML Foods Local fitness coach and trainer, Donavan “Jay” Rolle, owner of Jay Fitness 242, will lead the hour-long cardio sessions at Solomon’s Yamacraw just opposite St. Andrew’s School. Customers will also have an opportunity to learn more about meal planning and nutrition from the Solomon’s team to help on their journey towards overall health and wellbeing.

On the recently launched partnership with Jay Fitness 242, Shekia Albury, marketing manager for Solomon’s and Cost Right said the fitness challenge is another opportunity for the brand to educate and engage persons in the community.

“We are constantly seeking ways to better the communities that we serve. Hosting an event like the upcoming Summer Slimdown Challenge at our newest retail outlet in Yamacraw is an extension of our overall goal of promoting health and providing opportunities for customers to learn,” said Albury.

“Exercise can sometimes be daunting for persons particularly at the beginning of the fitness journey. We want our shoppers to have the tools needed to assist them on their wellness journey. And we want them to have fun in the process of improving their health. We’re also encouraging persons who would simply like to enjoy the workout without participating in the challenge to come out to any of the three Saturday Junkanoo aerobics sessions that we have scheduled.”

Challenge participants will be weighed in at each session and must complete all sessions in order to be entered to win the grand prize of a $300 shopping spree. Winners will be chosen at the end of August.

To register for the Summer Slimdown Challenge, fill out an entry form at the customer service desk at Solomon’s Yamacraw before Saturday July 7. The event is free and open to the public.



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