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Change ‘bad news’ into ‘good news’

For quite some time now I’ve been having a rather difficult time with my eyes as I was diagnosed with AMD Age-related Macular Degeneration quite a few years ago. Understandably at the time of my diagnosis of AMD I was told quite bluntly, that there was no known cure for it. Gradually, over the years my sight has been deteriorating with a whole lot of excessive tearing which makes it very difficult to see at times, and obviously is not good for a writer like me.

So eventually I decided to go to an Eye Specialist and get checked out again to monitor the progress of this debilitating eye disease, for which don’t forget, I was informed years ago, that there was no cure. After a borage of tests lasting over four hours, it was confirmed that I had AMD plus I had Cataracts in both eyes and I was highly suspect for Glaucoma, which would be verified in six weeks’ time when I did some more tests. Wow, what a whole lot of Bad News to receive all at once.

However, then I was informed by the Doctor, that there are two forms of AMD one is dry and the other is wet. I, fortunately have the wet type which can be cured with injections to the eye. Next I was informed that my Cataracts in both eyes could be removed with an operation. Finally, I was told that my Glaucoma could be treated with drugs. So suddenly, my ‘Bad News’ I mean real ‘Bad News’ turned into real ‘Good News’ and I can now look forward to having my previous good sight restored. Why, I may even be able to drive a car again, for which I’m so grateful.

My Friend, I just told you this true story to point out to you, that we can all, as today’s title puts it ‘Change ‘Bad News’ Into ‘Good News’’ and indeed we need to do this on a regular basis in order to have a successful life. So, no matter what ‘Bad News’ you got lately, you need to go WITHIN to spend time with The Creator to see how you can turn this ‘Bad News’ into ‘Good News’ which will assist you in being successful.


  • Think about it!

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