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Risk takers make it big time

How many times have you heard a story like this from a successful businessman? My wife and I decided to mortgage the house and sell another piece of land which we were going to build a vacation home on by the seaside and put all of our money in a new fledgling business. Our friends and relatives thought we were mad, but now that the business is thriving they can see the wisdom of what we did at that time. Sure, we took a risk, a big risk — however it paid off handsomely in the end.

As the title of this particular article puts it, risk takers make it big time — yes they do. However, let me be perfectly honest with you my valued readers, sometimes they lose everything — that’s a fact, which everyone is fully aware of. When one goes into a new business let’s face it, nothing is guaranteed, it’s a risk. However, it’s what we refer to as a calculated risk.

In other words, we have carefully studied the proposal offered to us and after very careful consideration of all the pros and cons we’ve come to the conclusion that we can indeed make a success of the proposal. Of course, all business is in fact a calculated risk as nothing is ever guaranteed in life, except death and taxes, as that well-known saying puts it.

However, those who succeed in life are those who are prepared to take a calculated risk every now and then. Those who are too timid to ever take a risk and who would as we say rather play it safe, will never make it big time in life. We’ve all heard it said over and over again, life is a gamble. Yes it is.

Yes indeed, as today’s title clearly states it, risk takers make it big time. That is usually most of the time, however, sometimes they do in fact lose, but that’s life, that’s how the cookie crumbles as that well-known saying graphically puts it. So in life if you wish to win big time, you can’t be a timid, wishy-washy type of individual. Instead, you’ve got to be prepared to bet on yourself, thus taking calculated risks every now and then.


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