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Dr. Yogesh Malhotra to head GIBC’s artificial intelligence center

GIBC Digital, which opened last month on Grand Bahama, has brought on Dr. Yogesh Malhotra to head the development of its data and artificial intelligence center, helping the company fulfill the Minnis administration’s vision of making Grand Bahama a tech hub.

A press release announcing the hiring of Malhotra explained that GIBC Digital plans to develop a state-of-the-art community on Grand Bahama that will “attract the best technical talent in the world to live, work and play in Grand Bahama”. The release stated that Malhotra will be instrumental in helping the company to achieve this.

“Before joining GIBC Digital, Dr. Malhotra founded and served as the executive director and chief scientist of a digital transformation firm, Global Risk Management Network, LLC, renowned for its leading artificial intelligence, algorithms, machine learning, computational quantitative finance, cybersecurity risk engineering and finance/information technology risk finance/information technology risk management practices,” the release stated.

“Dr. Malhotra also served as an artificial intelligence and machine learning subject matter expert for MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Computer Science & AI Lab via GetSmarter.

“Dr. Malhotra’s industry experience includes Wall Street investment banks and Big Three finance and information technology firms, such as JP Morgan and Bank of America, and digital transformation ventures with clients and patrons, such as Goldman Sachs, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Ogilvy, MIT and Harvard. He has also provided his expertise to the National Science Foundation, the United Nations and U.S. and world governments.”

The plan to turn Grand Bahama into the Silicon Valley of the region seems to be paying dividends for the Free National Movement. Several companies have already taken advantage of the concessions in the commercial enterprises legislation enacted last year.

GIBC Digital CEO Greg Wood said in the release: “We are thrilled to have Dr. Malhotra join us. Other leading scientists around the world have recognized the real-world impact of his research, and he is going to play a key role in bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning to Grand Bahama.”

The long dormant site of the Ginn Sur Mer development could be the site of another technology center when Skyline Investments, through Grand Palm Beach Acquisitions Limited, completes negotiations with the government to purchase the development’s 2,012 acres in western Grand Bahama.

The developers plan to build a smart city, which they hope will act as a headquarters for high-tech startups, businesses and consultancies.

“This well-appointed technology park will attract innovators from all over the world,” the company revealed in a recent press release.

GIBC Digital is a digital-transformation facilitator that makes companies more successful by transforming how they do what they do for their clients.

“GIBC helps companies evolve to thrive in a digital world, where customers expect every company to be a technology company,” the release noted.

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