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Molehills or mountains?

I’m quite sure that most of my valued readers are quite familiar with the fact, that molehills are little small mounds of earth, which are the result of moles burrowing underground. Basically molehills are very small. Now on the other hand, mountains can be very high indeed like Mount Everest or Mount Kenya, which is 4,985 meters high, which incidentally one of my sons Tony and his wife Sharon, who live in Kenya recently climbed. So we have established that molehills are small; whereas, mountains are large, very tall.

“So D. Paul, what message are you endeavoring to convey to us here today with the title molehills or mountains? Well I find that many who have relatively small problems are inclined to blow them up out of all proportion. They make them bigger and more serious than they really are in their mind. That’s right, most people are inclined to blow small problems up out of all proportion, they make them bigger than they are in their imagination, and then start to worry unnecessarily about problems which could quite easily be solved.

They say that ulcers are caused by mountain climbing over molehills — oh how true that is. So the lesson for today in a nutshell is this — keep everything in perspective, don’t blow problems up out of all proportion. Always remember as Webster’s Dictionary puts it, “a problem is a matter proposed for solution,” and thus all problems have solutions, and you my friend are quite capable of solving all of your problems — yes you are.

So, when confronted with a problem of any kind, just relax knowing all the time that it is solvable and you are quite capable of coming up with a great solution, which will in fact turn the problem into a golden opportunity to advance rapidly along the road of life toward the desired target which is success city. Don’t allow molehills to become mountains in your mind and you’ll be successful.


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