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Your magnificent obsession

Let me commence here today by asking you a very simple question relative to the title of this article, your magnificent obsession — do you have one? “D. Paul what exactly do you mean by that?” you may query. Well as most of my regular readers will be fully aware of, I had the good fortune of being associated with and learning from some really outstanding experts in the field of human behavior, motivation and personal development.

One of these experts was Dr. Denis Waitley who authored many excellent, bestselling books, including “The Psychology of Winning”, “The Winner’s Edge” and “Being Your Best” to name a few. In “The Psychology of Winning” he writes about having a magnificent obsession, which you pursue with passion and zeal until you actually achieve it. This is what makes a real winner in life. I guess it’s another way of stating that a person must have a goal that they are progressively moving towards in order to be successful. However, I believe that the use of the term “magnificent obsession” elevates its meaning to a much higher level and is what one really needs to have in order to be an outstanding winner in their field.

Some people say that they have a goal, but in effect they are not truly passionate about it. Now unless you are really passionate about your goal, unless it becomes, as Dr. Denis Waitley refers to it, a magnificent obsession, you’ll never achieve anything truly outstanding in life. I guess it’s just another way of saying, as other experts have, that you must have a burning desire to achieve your goals if you wish to be truly successful.

So my friend, today’s the day for you to determine what your magnificent obsession really is. You need to give this some serious thought. What is it that you’re really passionate about? As you zero in on what your magnificent obsession is you’ll be on your way to a life filled with great rewards and a feeling of satisfaction, which accompanies real lasting success.


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