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Full restoration of Grand Bahama sports facilities not evident

It was interesting to see the former Minister for Hurricane Restoration/Recovery Shane Gibson stand up in the House of Assembly and speak braggingly about the work that had been done in devastated areas in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Regarding Grand Bahama, his report was much different from that which was evident. Gibson spoke about the “almost million dollars” spent on clean-up in Grand Bahama. West End looks like some meaningful work has been done in truth, but what is observed throughout the rest of the island does not bear out “almost a million dollars” spent on a government clean-up program.

I’d like to see a report detailing the clean-up work he spoke about, and so would many others in Grand Bahama and the rest of the country, for that matter. However, my focus in this space is on sports. It is one thing to see Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) leaders in the euphoric state in convention, whipping supporters into an exciting frenzy. I say though, that the truth of the matter is in the present sad state the sporting facilities in Grand Bahama are in.

This situation upstages political allegiance. Noted basketball coach Gladstone “Moon” McPhee called me, lamenting the fact that parents/guardians and school faculty members have nowhere to comfortably sit and watch the various meets on schedule at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex (GBSC) in the height of the government schools’ sports cycle.

“This is bad. I don’t understand it. Nothing has been done with the seating area. The railings, which are essential for safety, have not been addressed,” disclosed McPhee, his voice heavy with regret and disappointment.

He spoke not with a vendetta against the former Ministry for Grand Bahama, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (which employed him as manager of the complex and also the northern Bahamas sports director), or the National Sports Authority.

No, no at all… it was because of a strong devotion to “sports order and opportunities” that McPhee sent out a plea for the GBSC to be attended to. McPhee is bold, courageous and steeped in proper national sports development.

Gibson and his PLP colleagues won’t like being called out like this, but truly, in regards to efficient clean-up and restoration, the only one of them who could rightly take a victory lap is Obie Wilchcombe, the former member of parliament for the West End/Bimini constituency.

Words should translate to the appropriate action. That has not been the case regarding the sports facilities in Grand Bahama.

Like American President Donald Trump would say: “How sad.”


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