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Stop worrying and start working

Unfortunately there are a whole lot of people who could best be categorized as ‘Chronic Worriers’ these people are negative in the extreme and this worry about everything under the sun in all aspects of their life. Many of these people are in business for themselves and they worry every day that business will slow down or has slowed down and thus they will not be making the kind of money which is required to keep the business afloat and pay all of the staff.

They worry about their children not doing well at school and thus not being able to go to college, or how they’re going to get the funds to be able to send them to college. They worry about their marriage…..will it last or not? In fact, they worry from morning to night about everything.

Of course, they worry about their health as they continue to deteriorate health wise day after day, week after week not knowing apparently that their constant worrying is actually contributing to their bad health. Yes indeed, worry will play havoc on the overall health of body, mind, spirit. As I have written about some time ago ‘Worry Kills’ ….yes it does as it causes all sorts of illnesses like Ulcers, High Blood Pressure and yes even Heart Attacks.

Worry is an extreme form of negative thought which plays havoc with the overall health of the body, resulting unfortunately in illnesses of one sort or another. So if you My Friend are a perpetual worrier, you need to seek some Professional Counseling immediately.

As the title of this particular article puts it ‘Stop Worrying And Start Working’. That’s right, instead of worrying about if something will work out or not, just get real busy working to make it happen and I guarantee, that you’ll find that what you were worrying about has now passed. Most importantly, make a genuine effort to become more positive as you work hard to achieve the success you require.


  • Think about it!

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