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Are you looking for an excuse?

The Academy Award film star Denzel Washington said in a “60 Minutes” interview on T.V. some time back, talking about people who are always making excuses for not doing well in life, “If you’re looking for an excuse you’ll find one”. Boy oh boy, was he right. Actually, I’ll bring it a bit further by stating that whatever you’re looking for you can always find a reason to either do or not do something. You can convince yourself of anything you want.

My friend, let me make a very strong statement here and it is this, excuses are for losers. That’s right, losers are very good at coming up with a long list of excuses as to why they didn’t make it in life, like: “I didn’t get a good education”. “My Parents were very poor”. “I was born in the ghetto”. “I just never seemed to get the breaks” etc., etc. Yes indeed, the losers in life are brilliant at coming up with excuse after excuse as to why they were not able to succeed in life.

However, the winners don’t make excuses, but instead just get busy as they work hard to turn their situation, however bad and seemingly hopeless into a successful life — just like W. Clement Stone did who was born to a single mother in the poorer part of Chicago. His mother took up sewing to put bread on the table and W. Clement Stone as a young boy got up early each morning at 4 a.m. and went out on the cold streets of Chicago selling newspapers to bring in some extra money to assist his mother whose earnings were very meager, to say the least. He educated himself and ended up owning the largest insurance company at that time.

Yes indeed, excuses are for losers, whereas winners look for a way in which to move forward in life, and they find it. I guess in the long run, it’s a case of being negative thus coming up with excuse after excuse for not doing well in life or being positive in outlook thus knowing that there is always a way in which to succeed in life. So stop making ridiculous excuses and just do it. This is the way to succeed.


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