Saturday, Dec 15, 2018
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Bahamas to host internet marketing conference

Jason McDowall.

As The Bahamas seeks to establish itself as the Silicon Valley of the Caribbean, it will play host to one of the largest and longest running e-business conferences in the world.

President and CEO of BahamasLocal Jason McDowall, who spoke at this year’s Impact 18 conference, said he was able to lure organizers to The Bahamas to host next year’s event.

“I was able to use the evolution of into a multimillion-dollar business as an example of how The Bahamas could become the tech hub of the Caribbean,” he said in a statement.

Each year the International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA) holds a conference that attracts world leaders in online communications and marketing.

“It will be a fantastic opportunity for some of the top internet marketers to come and see what The Bahamas has to offer,” McDowall said of The Bahamas hosting Impact 19 next year.

McDowall said he was invited to speak at this year’s conference on his company’s expansion plans and entrepreneurial journey over the past nine years. grew from a two-man operation with no advertisers in 2009, to what is considered one of the country’s largest and most used websites.

According to McDowall, BahamasLocal has grown to feature more than 15,000 companies, is supported by 160 advertisers, and has a traction of more than half a million site visitors each month, and four hundred million total advertiser message impressions.


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