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Bahamian female leads major event production

The field of event management is a male-dominated profession, but Megan Minus, founder of Create Serendipity, is positioning herself as a leader in the field.

Minus explains, “Event management creates a memorable experience for guests attending concerts, conferences or other social affairs so that all of their senses are fully engaged. This process is quite exhilarating because it requires the complete creative development, production and execution of events using innovative audio and visual technology.”

She adds, “As a female in this growing field, I am incredibly passionate about this work and hope to inspire more young women to realize that they can pursue production as a career and create phenomenal events.”

Minus boasts of a decade of expertise in producing global events and recently founded Create Serendipity, a Bahamian-led event production firm with a mission to promote positive images of women to empower, educate and inspire them through events and digital conversations. Minus was the creative mastermind behind the sixth annual Bahamian Icon Awards with her event production and management skills.

She reflected, “The Bahamian Icon Awards is one of the most distinguished events that Bahamians look forward to annually, and I was elated to contribute my talents to its overwhelming success. The production vision of the event was to entreat our audience to an experience that was visually captivating, so that Bahamian production talent is showcased in a manner that reflects our capacity to deliver world-class events.”

As Create Serendipity positions itself within the Bahamian marketplace, Minus also looks forward to international collaborations. She revealed, “I have been incredibly fortunate to work with talent such as Alicia Keys, Wiz Khalifa, Pitbull and Bruno Mars. For me, these kinds of opportunities affirm that I, and so many other women out there, can create memorable experiences that change the way people interact with one another.”

In the coming months, Minus will employ lessons learned from leading international productions for the Bud Light World Tour, the Hero World Challenge with the Tiger Woods Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank World Conference to produce more remarkable events. She affirmed, “Create Serendipity will be the vehicle to empower women that our talents, skills and abilities are vital for the execution of great events. We must harness them to do the things that we are the most passionate about to make a difference and create serendipity.”


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