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Movement is key to a progressive and positive you

Every aspect of our life revolves around movement — from waking up, to going about our day. Life revolves around motion. Unfortunately, we’ve conditioned ourselves to garner the opposite of what our bodies were created to do.

We have extremities for a reason. They’re not there just to go along for the ride. They hold a definitive role in our daily lives that we don’t do enough of, which is move!

The average individual spends about five hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk during a workweek. If that wasn’t chest grabbing, we also spend seven hours on average sleeping. Now unless you’re sleeping standing up (which delves into a conversation that we won’t have here,) then you’re doing a lot of sitting. Think about it — that’s 12 hours of a 24-hour day sitting — on average.

We aren’t a walking society. This phenomenon alone creates a degree of setbacks that if we took control, could very well change our wellbeing — parking further away from the grocery store to get more steps in; or taking the stairs instead of the elevator to increase blood flow and create endurance. As far as I know, we don’t have any skyscrapers in The Bahamas, so this feat isn’t far-fetched. I’ll give you one better, take the stairs halfway and the elevator the other half if it’s a 10 story building.

Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki, and her team did extensive research on working out. Their findings show a plethora of positives that working out can accomplish. In her study, one simple workout can improve an individual’s ability to shift and focus attention. That focused attention can last up to two hours. That’s just one of many positives that one workout can create. One correlation suggests that a workout can create a higher degree of productivity in an individual’s life. I’m quite sure, we could use a lot more productivity within The Bahamas.

We haven’t delved into the positives of weight loss within movement. Being more attentive, retaining and understanding information is just breaking the ice. The world thrives of movement. Whether it’s kinetic energy, physical energy — the list goes on. Movement is the key to a progressive and positive you.

Just think of health: it’s axiomatic that a beggar is happier than a sick prince. So what’s our populace’s excuse for lack of movement?


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