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We’re unhappy because we’re unbalanced

I recently watched a very interesting interview on BBC. The program was “Hard Talk” with veteran interviewer Stephen Sackur. Stephen was interviewing a gentleman whose name I did not get who was a producer of films for television. He told his story of his early childhood living in Birmingham, England, which incidentally is where I lived with my parents for the first 13 years of my life. His mother had an unwanted pregnancy and had, what he referred to as a “backstreet abortion” as abortion was illegal at that time. His mother died as a result of that botched abortion and shortly after his father committed suicide. This seemed to account for the kind of dark movies for want of a better word, which he used to produce for T.V. Now toward the end of the interview he uttered the line that is the title of this article. He said, we’re unhappy because we’re unbalanced, which I thought contained a whole lot of truth.

When I was in Macau, China, some years ago facilitating a seminar for the telephone company, there was a copy of “The Teachings of Buddha” beside the bed in my hotel room, which I read in the evenings after the seminar from beginning to end. Now one of the main teachings of Buddha was to have balance in one’s life. He referred to it as the middle road, and this had a profound effect on me at the time and indeed influences me right up to the present time. Far too many people do not have balanced lives today at the beginning of the 21st Century and this is indeed causing a whole lot of unhappiness.

My friend, I’d like you to examine your life in-depth today to make sure, that you do indeed have balance in your life for it is the key to having a happy and indeed contented life. Always remember the phrase Buddha used in his teachings, the middle road which will ensure that you and your family have balance in their lives and are thus happy.


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