Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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God is yearning to continue to bless The Bahamas

Therefore, the promise comes by faith, so that it may be by grace and may be guaranteed to all Abraham’s offspring. He is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed, the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were. — Romans 4:16-17

Most children and also adults know the song “Father Abraham”. If you are one of them, why not sing along, right? — “Father Abraham had many sons. Had many sons had Father Abraham. I am one of them, and so are you. So let’s just praise the Lord.” (Yell “right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, chin up, turn around” and move all, as if marching. Sit down at the end.)

As you sit down, what is going through your mind? Are you happy? It does not matter if you are at work, home or play. Whose spirit are you operating under? Is it fear, confusion, label and bottle or poverty? Is there a space and place for the Holy Spirit to abide? Most times, dear readers, the spirit of poverty rules large and in charge, encompassing any number of subsidiaries.

I know many Christians, including myself, not only by name but by lifestyle, who like the Prophetess Anna serve God daily in the temple. They walk the straight and narrow, lift up the bloodstained banner of the Lord Jesus Christ, but at the end of the day can’t find a dollar to keep company with the other. Why is this so? I had a godly woman a few days ago tell me that her light was off for some weeks. Why is this so, you would ask, when she is serving the Lord in the beauty of holiness? It is the demonic spirit of poverty to suppress the saints, but the saints must join forces to defeat the enemy.

So much talk is going about the web shop bosses, but the bulk of their wealth comes from the “ghetto” with little amounts of dollars and cents — but it adds up, and according to the system, distribution goes on many times daily. Is it not time for the church to pool resources so that the necessity of the saints may be met? All VAT amounts to a little coming from everyone to pool into the national storehouse for ends to be met.

The Word of God has declared to the saints that if 10 percent of their earnings is given for the work of the Lord, there will be no lack among the members of the church and its upkeep. This is how the spirit of poverty works — you have not seen nor heard from someone since you prayed with and for them to be blessed with whatever their heart’s desire was; they go and join the nine who never return to say thanks. Could this really be the cause for the spirit of poverty and degradation infesting our land — not knowing how to be thankful?

Our land is inundated with tradition and unbelief, and so we must be aware of the spirit realm and the powers that operate in it. As Christians we need to be watchful, knowing that each and every day a weapon is being formed against us. The enemy is trying to take your home, your land, your car and everything that you lay claim to. They are trying to take your position, deny you your pension, your gratuity, your settlement and anything that has your name on it.

They are trying to take property that was given generations ago. No longer must these weapons prosper against us. We have the power as the sons and daughters of Abraham to possess the land. No longer will we be relegated as paupers when we have inherited so much. When one possesses the land, everything thereon and therein is yours. Can I tell you today that a mighty spiritual war has begun in this land, and God will declare his saints to the world. We know in whom we believe and be it resolved that we call into being things that are not as though they were. No longer will the seed be eaten by the enemy, thus denying the harvest. The land must no longer kill the prophets by withholding the blessing.

We send the evil spirit of poverty, neglect, rejection, destitution and low esteem to the very pit of hell. Believe me, God is yearning to continue to bless The Bahamas. He has given us beautiful waters rich with mineral and fish of every kind for our wealth and our health. Equally, he has given us the land also for our health and our wealth, but why are many so steeped in lack? It is because we are as disobedient to his Word as can be.

Father we pray for forgiveness for our many sins, errant ways and prodigal strays. We seek your plan for our lives and the lives of our children and generations following, so, help us God.


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