Thursday, Jul 18, 2019
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Dames offers much to journalism

Dear Editor,

As a habitual reader of The Nassau Guardian, I was surprised at the mistake made in attributing statements made by George Smith to C.A. Smith, who recently served as deputy to the governor general. However, to its credit, the newspaper quickly corrected the mistake and made an apology.

I was disappointed that the FNM has called for the resignation of Candia Dames as a result of this mistake. To my mind Dames is one of the better journalists working in The Bahamas today. Contrary to the party’s assertion that she has written against the government and the party, I am of the opinion that the contrary is true. Dames has been true to her profession by calling it as she sees it, and has been even-handed with all the political parties.

I do not know what damage C. A. Smith has suffered, particularly with such a swift apology, but I think it would be a disservice to the country if it were to lose Dames’ contribution to Bahamian journalism because of a mistake innocently made.


– Jeanne Thompson


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