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Breaking | Negligible decrease in unemployment rate

The national unemployment rate remained virtually unchanged, going from 10.1 percent in November 2017 to 10 percent in May 2018, according to the Department of Statistics.

The results of the labor force surey, which were released today, provide information on the labor force during the period between April 29 and May 5.

“Since November 2017, employment has increased by 4,525 persons or 2.2 percent from 203,730 to 208,255 persons in May 2018,” Department of Statistics Senior Statistician Cypreanna Winters said during a press conference.

“There were increases in both the number of employed and unemployed persons. However, there was no significant change in the unemployment rate between November 2017 and May 2018.

“Two of the three most populated islands that were surveyed experienced increases in their unemployment rates, and one experienced a decline. At the time of the survey… the rate in Grand Bahama was 12.4 percent and Abaco 10.7 percent. In contrast, New Providence’s unemployment rate declined from 10.6 percent in November 2017 to 10 percent in May 2018.

“Among the total employed labor force, there were more men (107,815) than women (100,440). Additionally, in all islands surveyed except Abaco, men were higher in numbers among the unemployed labor force.”

Youth unemployment increased from 22.1 percent in November 2017 to 24.1 in May 2018.

Discouraged workers in the country also increased by 6.9 percent over the six-month period. There were 2,175 discouraged workers in May 2018.

This group accounts for people who have not looked for work because they believed no jobs were available, as such they are not calculated as part of the unemployed. 

According to the latest survey 23,190 people were unemployed. In the previous survey 22,950 people were unemployed.

The total labor force was 231,445 in the data released today.

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