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No need for firing

Dear Editor,

So, the FNM wants Candia Dames to be fired as managing editor of The Nassau Guardian. What a great idea.

She never did give the FNM a break. But, a closer reading is that she didn’t give anyone a break who wasn’t doing what they were supposed to be doing, or worse, what they had promised to do.

Worse than this, she seemed to be cheering for the upliftment of all Bahamians and not just those who managed by hook and crook to get into political power.

The real problem with Dames, it seems to me, is that she is a thinker. And, we can’t have that in a society that uses politics, religion and economic oppression to dominate the rest of those in society.

For those who need to go back and read the National Review to see her viewpoints, perhaps it should be said that it is no surprise that the thin-skinned politicians, who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it slapped them in the face, are the ones who are calling for her removal.

And, if the ones calling for her ouster were really on the ball they would take a page from other progressive countries and cancel all elections, shut down the free press, put Minnis in as PM for life, create programs that entrench the wealthy class and further burden the working class and poor with more taxes and odious loopholes, and jail those who threaten the stability of the country by challenging those in power.

If you think this is ludicrous, you are either too young or you haven’t been paying attention. We are on our way in thinking and execution.

Dames is one of the few bright stars in this country. A country that has no shortage of dimwits, especially those elected to office. The call for her ouster should surprise nobody. They were just waiting for the right time. Even though this honest mistake wasn’t the right time, they jumped anyway.

Those who threaten the status quo are never at ease in a place where party loyalty trumps rational thought; where questioning the interpretation of ancient texts is never permitted; and where established customs are considered inviolable. Plus, Candia Dames is a woman – a woman in a society where it is openly joked about in Parliament about beating them. How dare she.

The FNM has acted like a bunch of buffoons while we are supposed to sit here and say nothing?

Get a life, FNM.

– Porcupine

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