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A letter to PM Minnis

Dear Editor,

Dear Dr. Minnis,

As someone who says they are a scientist, it surprised me to read that you think that “The Bahamas is besieged by marine debris from the United States and international marine vessels”. Years ago, I used to sail a 24-foot boat from Florida to The Bahamas. Even if already halfway here, if you lose your power or sail, you end up off of North Carolina, not in The Bahamas.

The axis of the Gulf Stream is moving at over three miles per hour in a northerly direction. The average person can swim no faster than three miles per hour.

So, Dr. Minnis, just how does this trash get here? It gets here because we import everything we use. Then, we carelessly toss it out the window or overboard. Are you really that out of touch?

On Andros, our shores are covered with trash, washing up daily. Some of it comes from the south of us – Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica. The rest comes from us, ourselves. Not all of our ills come from away.

While you are technically correct that the trash doesn’t originate here, the fact of the matter is that we would have 90 percent less trash on our beaches and our roads if we simply had an ounce of respect for our environment. We don’t. We have a long road ahead of us.

While you are up there talking trash – pardon the pun – your administration is still considering Oban, drilling for oil in Bahamian waters, allowing AUTEC to operate on their own terms, doing nothing to reduce the impact of fossil fuel use for our cars and electrical production. It really makes me wonder if you have your head screwed on properly.

Is your reign just a big PR show? One of the signatures of true leadership is that leaders try and educate and enlighten those around them. You appear to want to dumb us down.

– Porcupine


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