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Boxing federation challenged to explain controversial AGM

Vincent Strachan is president again, of the country’s parent amateur boxing group. Now functioning under the name, Bahamas Boxing Federation, the organization recently conducted elections of new officers.

The information coming out of the process was conflicting. The points of complaints included non-entitled persons voting, entitled voters being denied participation, associations evolving “overnight” to be represented in the voting process, the outgoing secretary being ignored when he verified the status of a particular association representative who was not allowed to vote, and an official listing of personnel/member associations not familiar to the rank and file of amateur boxing in the country.

I spoke with outgoing vice president Alvin Sargent, who said he, along with outgoing president Wellington Miller coordinated the process leading up to elections and that chairing the voting session was Roy Colebrooke.

“I would like to know just who would have made claims of anything untoward. I can say that dating back to December, a list was developed according to our rules and regulations, of who would be eligible to vote. We operated on all of the rules that are relevant and I can say that in regard, nothing at all was done the wrong way,” said Sargent.

There was a particular concern that reached me. As it turned out, Grand Bahama (GB), which has the most prominent member association in the country outside of New Providence, did not have a representative voting. I was told that Arthur Missick was in attendance, for the sole purpose of voting on behalf of the GB body, but did not.

Sargent’s explanation was that Missick was not one of the three members who had been listed as eligible to vote for Grand Bahama.

“There were three names on the list we went by. Missick was not one of those and he brought no document verifying his right to substitute for any of the three listed. We went directly by the list and based on the delegations that represented themselves, I am satisfied that nothing happened that was not in keeping with our rules and regulations,” said Sargent.

The federation has had a rocky existence for the past decade or so. Sargent said there were a number of “folks who worked against us (he and Miller)” and seemed to always want to have only their way.

“So, we bowed out from the forefront. I am available if the new group wishes to consult with me,” Sargent further stated.

Strachan, the man in charge now, is absolutely no stranger to controversy. He left office, initially, under a cloud of complaints. The new group has at least two executives, who in my view, are proven workers and dedicated to boxing. I refer to former boxer Shervin Johnson and Arlene Rodgers who is prominent in fostering the development of young boxers. Johnson is the first vice president and Rodgers is the secretary.

The full list of executive officers following elections is: Vincent Strachan – president; Shervin Johnson – first vice president; Locksley Thompson – second vice president; Arlene Rodgers – secretary; Wellington Smith – treasurer; and Natasha Knowles – assistant secretary/treasurer.

It would be appropriate for the federation to release an official statement to clear the air and verify the authenticity of the elections.

Note: Fred Sturrup is currently off the island, and during this time The Nassau Guardian will run some of his Sports Scope columns from the past.

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