Thursday, Aug 22, 2019
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 Not our kind of human

Dear Editor,

The bulldozers are being fueled up. Mothers are packing up only the priority children items. The kids play as they have always done, as the kids have played for the last four decades. Nothing will change for these children, until the bulldozers are within earshot. Then they will run alongside their mothers, looking back to get one last glimpse of the only thing they have ever known as home.

The government for the people, of the people, has decided a particular type of human is to be disregarded, cast aside, in favor of the preferred humans. And this is where it becomes a sucker’s game. It is a sucker’s game to participate in favoring one “kind” of human over another, simply because the winds will change and the “type” of human you are may be the next cherry to be picked and discarded.

The government’s function, any government, is to serve the people and protect the people. To play favorites, to pick winners and losers, that is the role of the people, yes, the humans of the land. Tribalism, heritage, ethnic composition, how that is dealt with is between the humans of the land.

The age-old adage of “Don’t tread on me” is being shouted by humans at the government.

It comes down to this – let people live their lives. As long as their behaviors are not harming others, there is no place for the government’s involvement.

The inhumane brutality of what the government plans to do in a mere couple days to a village, a town, a community, is taking us humans so far back that the barbarians of the Gilded Age would pause and shake their heads in disapproval.

In the late 1930s when Nazi Germany was in full bulldozer mode, it was pristine art-clad homes of wealthy Jews they were raiding and seizing. Here, with the targeting of the shantytowns, the government is being disgusting – picking on and destroying the communities, the homes, the lives, of the – to be generous – the have-nots. For demolition machinery to churn forward and over people’s homes, while backed by armed government soldiers should be something that all Bahamians are not only opposed to, but will not let occur.

The time has come to pick sides, and it is an easy choice. Either be a decent human and not allow this assault to occur or turn a blind eye and hope that your “not preferred human” card doesn’t get pulled too soon.

While you are eating breakfast tomorrow look out the nearest window and imagine seeing the destruction army marching towards your home, with there being nothing you can do. Do something now while you can.

– Michael Smith


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