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Popularity or credibility?

There are a whole lot of people who yearn to be popular among their fellow employees or in the neighborhood in which they reside. Of course, this desire to be popular is usually born out of low self-esteem. But my friend, I believe that it’s much more important in life to get a reputation for being credible rather than just being popular. So my friend, having stated that at the outset, which would you prefer to have in your life, popularity or credibility?

So what’s your honest answer to that simple, straight forward question? Believe me, I sincerely hope and pray that you’d prefer to have credibility which you have earned by establishing a reputation in your community for being a reliable person who does what he or she is supposed to do when they are supposed to do it. Yes indeed, in my book, it’s much more important to be a credible person rather than just being popular.

After all, I’m quite sure, that plenty of people are popular, and perhaps for all of the wrong reasons. To some drug addicts, I guarantee that the local drug dealer is very popular in the community to those who need a “quick fix” – however, I’m quite sure that no one in their right mind would give this person any credibility whatsoever as he’s just a cheap criminal making money off a bunch of sad drug addicts. To be recognized as being credible I believe a person needs to be an upright citizen in the community who is totally honest and reliable – that’s for sure.

Yes my friend, if you wish to gain a reputation for being credible, you need to be a hard working person who is honest and upright. That’s how you’ll gain credibility, the kind that lasts and is for real. Once you are completely credible then and only then will you be popular for all the right reasons.

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