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Sincerity shines through

I remember well many years ago when I worked with a publicist in Miami, Jere Salyers who produced a whole lot of work for me back in the early 70s when I was associated with a company called Goals International. In all of the brochures he produced, for me a word which he always highlighted was the word “sincerity.” I remember one particular phrase he used was, “his sincerity shines through as you listen to him.” Well without bragging in anyway, I guess it does, because I am very sincere in what I do. I am and always have been delighted to motivate people by making them fully aware of how talented and special they are. I always emphasize to them that they are filled with unique and special talents and are thus born to win.

Now here’s a question for you my friend to answer with complete candor, are you a sincere person, and does your sincerity shine through for others to both see and feel through your overall demeanor, speech and subsequent actions? I do hope your answer was in the affirmative, for when you are really sincere, people will be much more receptive to you and thus will be ready to assist you as you endeavor to achieve your goals and objectives and become successful in your field of endeavor.

Yes indeed, I honestly believe, that you can’t fake it when it comes to sincerity. You’re either 100 percent sincere or you’re not. And it will be very evident to one and all by your actions and your speech in addition to your overall demeanor. I honestly believe that sincerity is what leads eventually to a successful life.

Yes indeed, you can’t fake it when it comes to sincerity, for people get feelings about a person when they first come in contact with them as I’ve stated before. Thoughts are things, and your thoughts project outwards from you to others. Consequently, others will know whether you’re for real and whether you’re sincere in what you say and do. As today’s title puts it, sincerity shines through – yes it does.

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