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HEALinc Future Health Innovation Summit: creative learning in healthcare

HEAlinc Future Health Innovation Summit will bring together the finest minds currently working in digital health, regenerative medicine, cellular therapy and precision health. The summit will also introduce participants to new approaches to designing, promoting and paying for future health innovations, and will offer an unprecedented opportunity for these innovators to connect and collaborate with health industry leaders on creating the future of health, now.

Putting The Bahamas on the cutting edge of the future of health and ushering in a paradigm-shift in health and technology in the region and globally is the focus of the 2018 Inaugural HEALinc Future Health Innovation Summit, the brainchild of Dr. Desiree Cox.

“How do we encourage and inspire creative thinking in addressing the major healthcare challenges of our time? How do we pay for future health innovations and ensure that they are available and accessible to the majority of the population, rather than the few?” asked Cox, founder and CEO of the HEALinc Incubator and the HEALinc Future Health Summit.

“Most of all, how do we integrate cutting edge developments in digital health, precision-health, regenerative medicine and application of advanced cellular therapies to treat chronic non-communicable diseases into the educational curricula for healthcare professionals, patients and even high-school students?”

These are the questions that led to Cox inviting international and regional speakers and sponsors to work with her to create an annual summit as a means of opening and expanding the minds of people in the region to exploring unlimited possibilities of accelerating technologies and the medicine and healthcare of the future.

The summit to be held October 7-9 at the Melia Hotel is open to investors, researchers, clinicians, employers and healthcare benefits experts, as well as government and regulatory decision-makers in influencers – including the United States coastal region, the Caribbean and coastal South and Central America – as well as start-up entrepreneurs, students, healthcare professionals and associated disciplines.

The summit will provide an opportunity for a wide variety of experts to learn about the influence the emerging technologies that will exponentially impact the future of healthcare.

It will be an educational event with something for everyone – patients, students, government officials, investors and entrepreneurs.

“Current wisdom says that education, industry and innovation are no longer mutually exclusive just as creativity, technology and science are no longer so compartmentalized in their separate boxes. A massive shift in thinking has taken place and cross-pollination is now the order of the day,” said Cox.

She said advances in technology have already been applied in many fields, from the simple use of the Internet at home to the exponential growth of breakthroughs in medical, scientific, manufacturing and business industries. Artificial intelligence, stem cell therapies, bio-tech and regenerative medicine use tech knowledge to create better services, applications and the efficacious delivery of those services; and that design thinking and hacking are other new words which are now embedded in the language used to describe the changes taking place in schools, libraries and educational facilities as well as in private enterprises. In the academic world she said this has meant the breaking down of departmental “silos” and instead encouraging a multi-disciplinary approach to learning and enquiry.

All of the topics will be covered by featured speakers at the 2018 HEALinc Future Health Innovation Summit including Cox, HEALinc founder; Ed Addison, Cloud Pharmaceuticals; Tanmay Bakshi, algorithmist, Neural Network Arcitect and author; Kenneth Blum, Geneus Health; Daniel Bokun, Gimme360; Cathy Cather; Parallel Profile; David Contorno, Lake Norman Benefits; Milton Chen, VSee; David Crane, FutureHealth Alliance; Peter Diamandis, XPRIZE & Celularity; Dr. Charles Diggiss, Doctor’s Hospital; William Fields, Fields, Texas; Lucia Fields, FutureHealth Alliance; Kala Fleming, IBM Corporate Strategy Innovation; Jeff Gladden, Apex HHPO; David Haase, MaxWell Biosciences; Joshua Hare, Longeveron; Robert Hariri, Celularity; David Harshfield, FutureHealth Alliance; Cade Hildreth, Bioinformant; Chris Hillier, GuideWell Innovation; Andrew Ittleman, Fuerst, Ittleman, David & Joseph; Bernie Knobbe, AECONM; Morgan Pile, FutureHealth Alliance; Douglas Losordo, Caladrium Biosciences; Todd Malan, Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center, Scottsdale; Chris McSwain, McSwain Consulting; David Metcalf, UCF-iCORPS & METIL; C. Rees Morgan III, QubeChain; Einstein Kofi-Ntim, Global Startup Ecosystem; Tom O’ Neal, University of Central Florida; Marc Steven Penn, BBLS & Okyanos; Tom Povsic, Duke University Medical Center; Lexi Prodromos, Bloq Inc. & Chicago Blockchain Center; Krishna Rao, Kannact; Kyu Rhee, vice president and chief health officer; Pameal Rossos, Miller Center & Silicon Valley; Beth Roxland, Bioethics; Krishnendu Roy, Georgia Tech; Carol Sanford, Regenerative Business; Stephen Shaya, J&B Medical; Mike Stein, Oxstem; Bernie Siegel, Regenerative Medicine Foundation; Alan Spiro, Blue Health Intelligence; Aisha Walcott-Bryant, IBM-AI and Blockchain; Jacob Wilson, The ASPI; Asutosh Yagnik, AdSidera Ltd; and Elizabeth Zaborowska, Bhava Communications.

Registration for the 2018 summit is now open at

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