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The best life you live comes with a degree of balance

“One life to live and I’m going to do me.” I’ve heard this line countless amounts of times, especially towards individual’s fitness. Now if that’s your mantra, then by all means I simply beg of you to not correlate this mantra towards your fitness lifestyle.

Our population has a high degree of diabetes and high blood pressure. That’s just breaking the ice of the comorbidities that our population has. So why correlate condoning being unhealthy towards your lifestyle?

Bear in mind that I’m not singling anyone out. As a member of this population, I feel that we need to take more accountability for what we put into our bodies and how we go about our daily lifestyle with regards to health.

Think about it – you put off your health for so long, that you’re now dependent on medicines that you religiously take every day of the week. Or, there’s always something that’s of an ailing inhibitor. One life to live and you’re going to do you isn’t what that mantra is about.

We also live a preventive lifestyle. If you look at what we’ve conditioned ourselves to do daily, the over-indulgence that we partake in can very well be prevented. Understanding quality over quantity and knowing that over-consumption has us where we are today, should be a major part of our health and lifestyle conversations.

In many of my columns I speak about balance and how it’s truly essential for the well-being of our society. Personally, I feel that we take what we have for granted and put what we should take seriously on the back-burner until we’ve reached a breaking point. That breaking point could be a wake-up call at your doctor’s office.

Understanding where we are, taking the correct steps to make better choices, and committing to positive consistencies is what we should all strive for.

Hitting the snooze button consistently every morning only gives you one result – you continuously creating a perpetual regime that will have you in the same position you’re in.

Sometimes it takes a moment just to reflect (pun intended) in the mirror and say you’re going to put aside the excuses and do this for you. That’s the part of the aforementioned mantra that should be presented.

Everyone’s talking about living their best life, but how can you live your best life whilst you’re living an unhealthy life? That’s more of an oxymoron than anything. The best life you live comes with a degree of balance. It’s axiomatic that a healthy beggar is happier than a sick prince.

Why not live your ultimate life and leave the unbalanced aspect of your previous self behind – I guarantee you, you’ll thank yourself in the long-term that you did.

• Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at

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