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Bain is latest Bahamian to earn pro card in bodybuilding and fitness

Charnice ‘Storm’ Bain became the latest Bahamian to earn a pro card in bodybuilding and fitness, winning the Figure Masters Over 40 Class D category at the 2018 National Physique Committee (NPC) Teen Collegiate & Masters National Championships last month.

Bain, 42, prevailed over 11 other competitors at the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Pro Qualifying event, which was held at the Sheraton Hotel at Station Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, in July.

So far this year, six Bahamians have earned pro cards in bodybuilding and fitness, bringing the total of active Bahamians with their pro cards up to nine. All nine are now eligible to compete in the IFBB Professional League.

In the past, pro cards were issued solely to overall winners at IFBB sanctioned shows, but that is no longer the case. In Pittsburgh, category winners were eligible to receive their pro cards, similar to a number of professional shows in the region.

Bain, who has been involved in the sport for a number of years, gave thanks to God and everyone who supported her in this journey. She hails from Freeport, Grand Bahama.

“When you achieve the victory from a goal you were determined to reach, you realize three things – you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you; nothing happens before its time; and you must never, ever give up,” she was quoted as saying through an online message. “That’s the revelation that came to me after winning my IFBB Figure pro card. I just ask the Lord to use me to inspire Bahamians to stop giving up. I am a trainer and I see so many people giving up and quitting on their weight loss journey. Even when they achieve their goals, a lot of them give up and put the weight back on. It has been a long journey for me, some with very good as well as not so good experiences. Along the way, I have crossed over into other classes and have competed in fitness and bodybuilding as well.

“I feel like I was destined to win big. I have seen athletes give up over the years due to frustration, politics, discouragement and sometimes just a lack of discipline. Being able to present a winning physique (overall package) requires hours of training, praying, discipline and self-control.

“You have to have a real passion for bodybuilding. I learned over the years that you have to be extremely humble in this sport because a lot of people will tell you, ‘You look good’, and it could go to your head. You have to always keep in mind, judging is subjective and sometimes the judging may not be in your favor, so you have to humble yourself, be strong and be able to continue to rise up and improve on your symmetry. In figure, it’s all about the lines, having the best symmetrical body along with skin tone and overall presentation.”

Bain said that having her husband Desmond Bain by her side as a personal trainer was definitely a blessing for her. They are members of the Body4Ever Fit Gym in Freeport, Grand Bahama, where the motto is ‘We Get Fit, We Stay Fit’. Bain is a former three-time national champion in body fitness and a former three-time fitness national champion.

“Nobody knows my body, strengths and my weaknesses in the gym like my husband,” she said. “We are indeed one and complement each other in the gym, both being trainers. We agree to disagree sometimes. Mostly, I have nothing but respect and does what he asks because I trust him and he is an excellent, awesome trainer. I build muscle quick, so he knows when to start training me on certain body parts and when to adjust my weight training.

“I used to train myself, but I always knew I needed him to take me to the next level. I believe every athlete needs an experienced trainer, someone to push them to chase that ‘spirit of excellence’.

“My goal is to always look better than the last ‘Storm’. I compete with myself and focus on improving my own body because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Anyone wanting to achieve a pro level in bodybuilding and fitness will need to have discipline, be consistent, be willing to make a whole lot of sacrifices and put in some hard work.”

Bain, a veteran in the sport, said that she is just getting started. She said that she will continue to train and will go even harder now, because it’s much more difficult to achieve success at the next level.

Other Bahamians earning their pro cards in bodybuilding and fitness this year were Lorraine Lefleur, Tanya Moxey-Cleare, Angelika Wallace-Whitfield, Jimmy Norius and Endierich Rahming.

Lefleur has since gone on to finish fourth in women’s physique at the Arnold Classic in Johannesburg, South Africa, and then came back to win her category at the IFBB Elite Pro Montreal Show in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The latter was the first win by a Bahamian woman in a professional bodybuilding and fitness show.

The IFBB is the world’s governing body for bodybuilding and fitness, and the NPC is one of the premier physique organizations in the world.

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