Monday, May 25, 2020
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Faith, hope and charity

The three words in today’s title – faith, hope and charity – are usually attributed to religious teachings. However, I want you my friend to examine them again in the context of how to become and remain successful in life – so let’s take each of the three words in today’s title and examine them in detail.

The first word is “faith”. Well to become and remain successful in all facets of life, we need to set goals and objectives – short, medium and long range, for all areas of our life. Of course, once we have established our goals, then we must believe 100 percent that provided we put in the work required, we will indeed achieve the goals in a given time frame. We have to have faith in ourselves, and our ability to bring our goals to fruition in a given period of time. That takes care of faith.

Next in our title is the word “hope.” Once we have hope in our hearts, we’ll always have the chance of making it in life. Let’s face it, we will all go through some difficult times in our respective lives. This is inevitable – yes, it is. Now it is during these real tough times, when perhaps for a short period of time all seems lost, that we must always have hope in our heart. With hope in our heart, we will survive the difficult times and go on to be a winner and an outstanding success. Yes, we will.

Finally, the third word in our title is “charity.” Yes indeed, if we wish to become and remain successful in life, across the board, there’s no doubt about it as far as I’m concerned, we need to be charitable and  loving individuals. We must love and respect all of God’s creation and thus love and assist everyone.

So, there you have it my friend, a new success formula for your life – faith, hope and charity. Believe in yourself and your ability to be successful at whatever you do. Never lose hope that you will be the outstanding success God put you on Planet Earth to become, and finally – always, always be charitable and loving toward everyone, particularly those who are hurting, and you’ll become and remain outstandingly successful.

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