Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020
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Listen with an open mind

I remember very well back in the 80s when I had completed my studies at the University of Metaphysics and established a non-profit organization, the International Society of Love & Understanding “ISLU” for short. I went on a particular talk show on radio to publicize the organization. Now I didn’t realize at the time of booking the interview that the interviewer had very strong and some would say rather strange spiritual beliefs. Now here’s the point I really wish to make about that pre-taped interview which I remember so very well. Everything I said the interviewer disagreed with. In other words, the only reason he was interviewing me was to disagree with everything I said.

He had a closed mind and thus didn’t really hear what I was saying. The interview was so very negative in nature, that I had to call the general manager of the radio station and request that it not be aired. Now I tell that story for one reason and one reason alone, and it’s this. If you don’t have a completely open mind when you’re listening to others, you will simply not be able to hear what they’re saying.

Yes indeed, when you are listening to another as the title of today’s article puts it, you need of necessity to, listen with an open mind – yes you do, otherwise you will not hear what the other party is saying. Now perhaps when you have listened with an open mind and thus heard what the other person has said, you will not agree with them and that’s okay, but at least you’ll be aware of what they said and why you didn’t agree with them.

My friend, unless you, as today’s title puts it listen with an open mind, there’s no way for you to learn, to acquire knowledge. Actually, in the long run I believe that positive people have open minds whereas negative people, for the most part have closed minds thus they resist all kinds of change like the plague and do not progress in life. So please remember today’s lesson and always listen with an open mind, and you’ll progress and succeed.

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